Grow and Give-A Modern Victory Garden Project Website

Grow and Give

Check out this new website from the Colorado Master Gardener Program!  Learn to grow food and donate extra locally. These resources are designed to help you grow your own food this year and beyond. Colorado State University Extension & Master Gardeners are here to help you! Click here to view the website!

This site is being continually updated with new videos, linked fact sheets and information about how to grow your own food at home in Colorado.

Check out a sample of the many videos on the website:

By Merrill Kingsbury, Master Gardener Program Assistant, CSU Denver Extension




2 responses to “Grow and Give-A Modern Victory Garden Project Website

  1. Susan Hoopfer

    Fun. Thanks for sending this. Wondered, what to look for in a good seed starting soil.


  2. a few years back to change into a Master Gardener
    master grower certification