This Year’s Denver Extension Plant Sale Will Knock Your Socks Off

By Terry Deem-Reilly, CSU Extension – Denver County Master Gardener since 2003

Denver Master Gardeners are again offering our friends and neighbors some matchless plant choices to kick off the growing season; be sure to save the date! We’ll be there regardless of the weather with not only great plants but also science-based gardening advice, so come on down! 

We’ll have a wide selection of vegetables and herbs grown by Denver Master Gardeners, along with an assortment of annuals and perennials.

All tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables are $6.00. Annuals and perennials are priced as marked. Proceeds from the sale fund Denver Extension’s outreach efforts.

The vegetable and herb varieties offered are fabulous indeed:

Sweet Peppers
Ace Bell, California Wonder-Bell, Goddess Sweet Banana, Italian Marconi Red, Jimmy Nardello, Lesya, Nadapeño

Hot Peppers
Conquistador, Española Improved, Heritage Big Jim, Iberian Cayenne, Jalapeño Gigante, Jalmundo Jalapeño, Joe E. Parker, Las Cruces Cavenne, Lemon Spice Jalapeno, Mariachi , New Mex. Heritage Big Jim, NuMex Heritage 6-4 Chile, NuMex Joe. E. Parker , Passilla Bajio , Piñata Jalapeño, Poblano (Ancho), Primavera Jalapeño, Red Carribean, Sandia Select, Serrano, Shishito, Suave Orange, Vaquero

Heirloom Tomatoes
Abu Rawan, Amana Orange, Amish Paste, Arkansas Traveler, Black From Tula, Black Krim, Black Prince, Blondkopfchen, Brandywine Red, Burbank Slicing, Costoluto Genevese, Cour Di Bue, Dr. Wyche’s Yellow, Genuwine, German Pink, Gold Medal, Golden King of Siberia, Green Zebra, Heatmaster, Long Keeper, Martino’s Roma, Marvel Stripe, Marzinera, Minibel (Patio cherry), Mortgage Lifter, Orange Woodle, Principe Bourghese (Paste), Prize of the Trial (Cherry), Purple Calabash, Purple Cherokee, Red Fig (Lg. Cherry), San Marzano (Paste), Silver Fir Tree (Patio), Solar Flare, Stupice, Yellow Pear

Hybrid tomatoes
Ace Bush, Baby Boomer (Patio), Big Brandy, BushSteak (Patio), Celebritv, Cherry Sungold, Early Girl, Mountain Magic (Lg. Cherry), Red Beefsteak

Dark Purple Opal, Genovese, Italian Large Leaf, Sweet Italian, Thai Sweet Basil

DiCicco Heirloom, Belstar

Copenhagen, Michihili, Red Acre

Minnesota Midget Heirloom, Sarah’s Choice

Purple of Sicily, Rober

Fordhook Giant, Ruby Red

Boston Pickling, Persian Gerkin, Marketmore, Space Master, Straight Eight, Arkansas Little Leaf

Fern Leaf

Black Beauty, Diamond, Fairy Tale, Gretel, Orient Express, Pumpkin on a Stick

Red Russian, Redbor

Cos-sunland (Romaine), Coastal Star (Romaine)



Giant of Italy, Moss Curled

Cinnamon Girl (Pie), Duchess, Early Giant (Carving), Jill Be Little (Small decorating), Phat Jack, Rouge Vif D’Etampes (Cinderella)

Cube of Butter Summer, Delicata-Winter, Dunja-Summer, Honey Bear-Acorn Winter, Metro- Butternut Winter, Sunburst-Patty Pan Summer, Sunshine-Kobacha Winter


English Heirloom

Grande Rio Verde (Heirloom), Purple Coban (Heirloom), Tomatillo Verde (Heirloom)

Blacktail Mountain, Golden Midget, Sugar Baby Heirloom

We hope you’ll stop by for your favorite plants and try some new varieties too.

As always, please contact the Denver County Extension with your gardening questions. 

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