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Harvard Gulch Park, 888 E Iliff Avenue, Denver, CO 80210

Bio: The Mission of CSU Extension is "to provide information and education, and encourage the application of research-based knowledge in response to local, state, and national issues affecting individuals, youth, families, agricultural enterprises, and communities of Colorado." The CSU Denver Extension - Horticulture Program provides outreach & engagement in all areas of environmental horticulture to the Denver community including: - Coordinating the Master Gardener Program in Denver - Providing research-based information on gardening-related inquiries - Hosting workshops and educational programs in horticulture - Creating and maintaining demonstration gardens Please contact us if you are interested in the Master Gardener Program, a community-based volunteer program with 125 active members in Denver!   *While the use of medical and recreational marijuana are legal in the state of Colorado, marijuana remains a schedule one illegal drug under federal law, and as such, CSU Extension cannot be involved in any aspect with this horticultural commodity. **This blog is recognized by Colorado State University; however, the views and opinions expressed on this page are not necessarily those of the University. CSU retains discretion to allow or disallow comments and/or posts on this page. For more information about CSU’s Social Media Policy, visithttp://www.socialmedia.colostate.edu/ and for more information about Colorado State University, visithttp://www.colostate.edu/

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3 responses to “About

  1. Hi, just found you today. New to CO, I’m 5B in Aurora in 80017.Can anyone answer an URGENT Q? I have 20 Bloom a Thon azaleas on my yard waiting to plant. Bloom a Thon are rated Z 6-10. I may plant in containers the 1st yr to move or wrap in winter.Or some in soil on south side protected by deck. What do U think?

    URGENT Q TONITE:. I am amending soil & cannot tell all the coffee grounds and acidifier have lowered my PH of 7-7.5 at all. I bought 2 new PH meters & the amended soil has GONE UP to 8!! Am I going crazy?? I have added bags of coffee grounds from Starbucks & 6lbs of acidifier & it goes up!! Is it because it is wet? Or what could be the issue? Using bags of garden potting soil PH 7 from HD.
    I do have more cafe grounds & another 6 lb bag of acifidier to add.

    If anyone wants to call up until 11 p.m, it would be great to hear ur expert opinion!
    Dee McNeill


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