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Take a Soil Test to Start the Gardening Season

When it comes to growing a garden, if a little fertilizer is good, a lot is better. Right? Not really. Fertilizer applications should match the needs of the soil and plants. Too much fertilizer, especially applied to smaller areas, can … Continue reading

Test Your Poinsettia IQ

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are making their December debut this week. With up to 50 million plants sold annually, you are likely to give,  receive, or at the very least, encounter the plant in your daily travels this holiday season. How … Continue reading

CSU Extension’s Spring Soil Health Awareness Campaign

What is CSU Extension’s Spring Soil Health Awareness Campaign? During the spring of 2015, a host of partner organizations throughout Denver will be take part in CSU Extension’s Soil Health Awareness Campaign to increase public awareness around the importance of … Continue reading

Fair Questions for Master Gardeners

Almost 20,000 people attended the Denver County Fair from July 13-15 to enjoy typical fair food and fun. At the Demo Stage, Denver County Master Gardeners had the chance to answer questions from other gardeners during three “Ask a Master … Continue reading

Never Put a $10 Plant in a 10¢ Hole and Other Gardening Tips From Denver Master Gardeners

Passionate gardeners love to talk about gardening, so with that in mind, we recently asked Denver Master Gardeners for their best gardening advice. Responses included tried-and-true practices, creative suggestions and good reminders for all of us as the gardening season kicks into full … Continue reading

Sheet composting or … cooking up an experiment in the garden

I’ve always known that the soil in the garden was the key to planting success.  So, when we started our new Denver garden in 2014 we turned in most of the turf and dug, weeded and added leaf mold to … Continue reading


Planting Seeds of Humor – A Growth Spurt out of Bashful Gardening.

Starting your journey to gardening can be difficult, but everyone has to start somewhere!  This week, I gathered some information about the rare and unusual questions we encounter here at the Denver Extensions Office for this weeks’ edition of: Planting … Continue reading

Decoding Fertilizer Labels

On a recent visit to a garden center, a customer was overhead asking  about the prominent numbers on the front of the fertilizer package. What  does  13-25-12 mean? The numbers correspond to the percentages of three different compounds: Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash (or Potassium). … Continue reading

Spring Garden Clean-up

Spring Garden Clean-up If you are like me, the autumn clean-up in the garden often rolls over into spring.  With warmer days bringing thoughts of planting, now is the time to finish up (or even begin) those garden clean-up chores.  … Continue reading

Planting in Summer’s Heat

Without fail, every year I find myself adding plants to the perennial garden during the hottest part of the season. Sometimes the plant is  a gift from a friend’s yard, other times it’s a couldn’t resist variety at the garden … Continue reading